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Commercial Induction Wok! Originally from China, the commercial induction wok is perfect for cooking food with “stir-fry” method. According to this method, ingredients are very little fried in oil at high heat while stirring constantly. Such vegetables and meat tastes combine perfectly, but without being oil soaked. The ingredients can also stifle preserving their natural flavor and tenderness.

DCT-AB S12 commercial single wok burner


commercial single wok burner commercial single wok burner ◆430 # stainless iron sheet flanging stamping cauldron ◆700-1000mm cauldron services for 100-350 people single burner wok cooker Product size 1000×1100×1200mm (20kw) 1100×1200×1200mm (25kw) 1200×1300×1200mm (30kw) Packing size 1100×1200×1350mm (20kw) 1200×1300×1350mm [...]

DCT-AB D chinese large wok burner


chinese wok stove chinese large wok burner Product size 1700×1000×1200mm (15kw) 1900×1100×1200mm(20kw) 2100×1200×1200mm(25kw) 2300×1300×1200mm(30kw) Packing size :1800×1100×1350mm (15kw) 2000×1200×1350mm(20kw) 2200×1300×1350mm(25kw) 2400×1400×1350mm(30kw) Cauldron size 700mm (15kw),39kg×2 800mm(20kw),61kg×2 900mm(25kw),82kg×2 1000mm(30kw),108kg×2 ◆Cauldron can't moved ◆Automatic filling water ◆Real-time power display chinese [...]