BZT-AZH6FO commercial induction range

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    Project Description

    Different from traditional cooktops, commercial induction ranges utilize magnetic induction rather than electricity or open fire to heat pots and pans. Now many people prefer commercial induction range with oven over typical burners due to their added advantages — commercial induction range cooker stay cool while in cooking, which can help reduce burns and injuries in the kitchen. This commercial induction range with oven has 6 hobs (3.5 KW×6 or 5 KW×6) and 3.2 KW infrared oven.

    The one most important thing is, induction cooking is more even and fast cooking, which makes it great for bustling food service establishments. AT Cooker has a huge assortment of commercial induction ranges that you can use to help make your business safer, more efficient and save your money in the long run, more foods you make, more money you save.

    commercial induction range with oven BZT-AZHB1M750
    commercial induction range with oven BZT-AZH 6FO

    ◆With 304# stainless steel body
    ◆Energy efficiency: 90% -95%
    ◆Real-time power level display
    ◆Real-time temperature display
    ◆Faucet drain, easy to clean

    Commercial Induction Ranges
    ◆Power supply
    3.5 KW×6 (or 5 KW×6)
    ◆Controller: Sensor switch
    ◆Power level: 8 power level

    Infrared Oven
    ◆2 layers
    ◆The infrared electric baking, heated evenly
    ◆One-layer of one pan

    Product size
    1200×880×(800+200) mm
    Packing size
    1300×980×1150 mm
    Range size
    300 mm each burner

    Oven Capacity: 48 L
    8 functions
    Fast heat, fan baking,
    baking, bottom heat,

    defrost (both fermented function), fan grill,

    roasting, strong roasting

    Item No. BZT-AZH6FO