ZFGT-A V25 commercial kitchen steamer

//ZFGT-A V25 commercial kitchen steamer
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    Project Description

    This commercial food steamer is designed to easily steam foods. Because it is induction cooking equipment, it is without wasting unnecessary water or energy. It’s one of AT Cooker’s 5 star products. The energy efficiency is more than 90%. We design it automatic filling water and with automatic steam vent. This steamer is for restaurant and hotel use, the power is 25 KW. It steams foods by induction from the steamer self, there is no open fire no gas leaks. Thanks to its many advantages, this commercial kitchen steamer not only makes a healthier foods to your customers, but also save your money in the long run.

    You can use this cooking equipment as a commercial seafood steamer (for crab, fish, shrimp, oyster, etc) or a vegetable steamer. AT Cooker also supplies dim sum steamers and large capacity commercial rice steamers.

    commercial food steamer
    commercial food steamer

    ◆With 304# stainless steel body
    ◆Energy efficiency: 90% -95%
    ◆Real-time power level display
    ◆Automatic filling water
    ◆Automatic steam vent
    ◆Faucet drain, easy to clean

    ◆Power supply:25 KW
    ◆Controller: Sensor switch
    ◆Power level : 8 power level

    Product size
    1000×1100×1850 mm
    Packing size
    1100×1200×2000 mm

    Anti-dry heating warning
    Anti-overheating warning
    Anti-high temperature warning

    Item No. ZFGT-A V25