QRPT-A10B commercial induction stove

//QRPT-A10B commercial induction stove
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    Project Description

    AT Cooker’s commercial induction stove (10 KW), is three phase. We designed it to fit seamlessly into any existing workspace. As the one of the best commercial induction hob it will provide significant energy cost savings ( energy efficiency 90 -95%), improve the working environment (more safer, no flame, and no gas leaks), and deliver a superior, more precise cooking experience (easy to control, easy to clean).

    This commercial induction stove is designed can be both built in and countertop style, connect switch, easy to move, (AT Cooker also supplies freestanding style) and for commercial kitchen restaurant use. More items, please cleck here.  AT Cooker is trust by 2000+ restaurants and hotels, our induction cooking equipment will save your money in the long run.

    commercial induction stove
    commercial induction stove

    ◆With 304# stainless steel body
    ◆Energy efficiency: 90% -95%
    ◆Real-time power level display
    ◆Real-time temperature display

    ◆Power supply: 10 KW
    ◆Power controller: Knob switch
    ◆Power level: 8 power level
    ◆Can be built-in and tabletop
    ◆Connect switch, easy to move

    Take less time to cook food

    Product size
    500×500×350 mm
    Packing size
    585×585×390 mm

    Pot (Pan) size
    No less than 40 cm

    ◆Anti-dry heating warning
    ◆Anti-overheating warning
    ◆More efficient, longer life

    Item No. QRPT-A10B