induction cooktop commercial 2 hobs SHPTA 2C

AUTO Lifting Commercial Pasta Cooker

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For Noth America

208V/ 240V, 380V, 480V

For Europe, Australia and Asia

380V, 400V, 415V

Details information

Manufacturer AT Cooker
Item No. ATT-APST 7C
Maximum Power 9 KW
Number of Oil Tank 1 Tank
Warranty 5 years
Availability in Stock
Width 550 mm
Depth 850 mm
Height 950 mm
Energy efficiency 85%
Controller Knob switch

◆Power supply:9KW/380V / 50-60 Hz .
◆Power controller: Press switch
◆Power level : 3 power level
◆With 304# stainless steel body with 1.5mm thickness
◆Ambient temperature: from -5℃ to +40℃
◆High temperature up to 180 ℃
Automatic filling water
◆3D three-dimensional shielding design prevents foreign matters

Product size :
550 ×850 × 950mm

Packing size :
700 × 1000 × 1100mm

1 Tanks 6 Baskets

1-year Free Return
5-year Warranty
2-year Free Exchangeable

  • Versatile for various pasta types
  • Spacious cooking basket for large batches
  • Efficient and rapid cooking process
  • User-friendly interface for easy operation
  • Compact design saves kitchen space

Revolutionize Your Noodle Service with the Electronic AUTO Lifting Commercial Pasta Cooker

Are you in the business of serving mouthwatering noodles in your restaurant? Say goodbye to traditional cooking methods and hello to the future of pasta preparation with the Electronic AUTO Lifting Commercial Pasta Cooker. Designed to streamline your noodle service and elevate the dining experience for your customers, this innovative piece of equipment is set to become the heart of your kitchen.

Effortless Cooking: With a powerful 9KW power supply and 3 power levels, the Electronic AUTO Lifting Commercial Pasta Cooker ensures effortless cooking of perfect noodles every time. Whether you’re serving up classic spaghetti or indulgent ramen, this cooker delivers consistent results with ease.

Convenient Power Control: Say goodbye to complicated controls and hello to simplicity with the press switch power controller. Easily adjust the power level to suit your cooking needs, allowing for precise temperature control and optimal cooking results.

Durable Construction: Crafted with high-quality 304# stainless steel with a thickness of 1.5mm, this pasta cooker is built to withstand the demands of a busy kitchen environment. Its robust construction ensures longevity and durability, making it a reliable investment for your restaurant.

Space-Saving Design: Measuring at just 550 × 850 × 950mm, the Electronic AUTO Lifting Commercial Pasta Cooker boasts a compact design that saves valuable kitchen space. Its sleek and modern appearance adds a touch of sophistication to any kitchen setting, while its ergonomic design enhances workflow efficiency.

Automated Water Filling: Say goodbye to manual water filling and hello to convenience with the automatic water filling feature. This innovative function ensures that the water level is always at the optimal level for cooking, saving you time and effort in the kitchen.

Enhanced Safety Features: Safety is paramount in any kitchen, which is why the Electronic AUTO Lifting Commercial Pasta Cooker is equipped with a 3D three-dimensional shielding design. This advanced feature prevents foreign matter from entering the cooker, ensuring the safety of your food and your customers.

Generous Warranty Coverage: Enjoy peace of mind with our generous warranty coverage. With a 1-year free return policy, a 5-year warranty, and a 2-year free exchangeable offer, you can trust that your investment in the Electronic AUTO Lifting Commercial Pasta Cooker is protected.

Unlock the Potential of Your Noodle Service: Ready to take your noodle service to the next level? Invest in the Electronic AUTO Lifting Commercial Pasta Cooker and experience the difference in efficiency, convenience, and quality. Elevate your restaurant’s offerings and delight your customers with perfectly cooked noodles every time.

Experience Innovation in Noodle Service with the Electronic AUTO Lifting Commercial Pasta Cooker – Where Convenience Meets Quality.